Common AC Repairs

At William’s Air Conditioning and Heating we know how important it is to have a fully functioning air conditioner in your home. This is why we recommend calling in a technician any time you need to have ac repairs done. Some situations where their help is the most useful include:

– Broken Fuses or Circuits

Any time your fuses or circuits need repaired or replaced, calling in a professional is essential. They understand how to handle the electrical components so you don’t have to worry that the work is being done wrong.

– Thermostat Replacement

Has your thermostat stopped working? If you notice it doesn’t turn on or off based on the settings that you put in place, then it’s likely the thermostat may need to be replaced. A technician should be able to handle this for you due to their experience, training, and knowledge of these units.

– Broken Outdoor Fan

It’s important to have a technician repair your outdoor fan as soon as possible in order to prevent the compressor from overheating.

– Improperly Working Condenser Coil

When a condensing coil is not working properly for any reason, this can cause the a/c to stop working as efficiently as it did before. To resolve this issue, it’s recommended to first change the filter in the unit to see if that will resolve the issue. However, if this does not, then call in a professional to have them do a tune-up on the unit.

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